Metal frame panels to be installed on the construction site in accordance with the drawings of construction project. Each element of the building arrives at the construction site in a consecutive order according to the construction project. At the request of the client, we can bring metal profiles to the construction site, which are assembled on the construction contractor's hired contractor's construction contractors.

By assembling the panels in our factory, we are responsible for the high quality of assembly, shorter collection time on the construction site, and we guarantee that the panels are assembled correctly in accordance with the assembly technology.

In addition, we carry out the entire construction of the building according to our metal frame technology. We carry out foundation works, install a metal frame and carry out a complete house insulation according to the project. We can make ventilation facade works, plastering finishing works, and all engineering parts.

Our company takes responsibility for the structure will comply with all construction laws of the Republic of Lithuania and EU laws. We guarantee that it will satisfy all the relevant requirements for the energy performance certificate.