Benefits and advantages

Quick and easy construction

The advantage of this technology is extremely fast construction, because the elements of the house are manufactured at the factory. All elements of the house, including roofs, partitions and overlays, are assembled in a warm room and numbered shields in a row are coming to the construction site. Therefore, when the foundation is ready, the next step is the collection of the house.


One of the biggest and most important advantages of this technology is the noticeable decrease in prices for construction materials and finishing materials. It is estimated that in the design and construction of a house from light metal constructions, the total house estimate is less 10-15% compared with other technologies. Because the metal frame is a lighter constructional element compared to a brick or wooden house. And this automatically affects the lighter foundation, as the load on the ground becomes much smaller. After the soil studies, the best option is chosen.

Constructive strength

LSC (Light steel construction) technology is durable and reliable, despite the fact that relatively lightweight structures are used in construction. Metal profiles have unique strength properties that retard seismic and other natural factors.

Dry construction

The term "dry construction" is best suited for describing the LSC technology. The absence of wet processes helps prevent moisture and mildew problems. This aspect is very important when fast construction solutions are needed. Building blocks of dwelling-houses or other similar objects requiring quick installation and construction.

High fire resistance

LSC technology, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, has one of its greatest advantages, which distinguishes it from many other modern construction technologies. It has a very high fire resistance. The metal frame wall, the roof filler is a stone wool, which is also refractory. Therefore, all structural elements of the house, including partitions, are fire-proof.

Measurement accuracy

Light steel construction is a very durable and stable material that over time does not allow you to sit at home. As a result, over the years, the walls, ceilings and deck of the foundation are avoided. Lightweight and durable construction maintains the exact dimensions, long after the completion of the construction.

Wood preservation

In the modern times of construction, the sensitive issue is the cutting of forests and the excessive use of wood. Our proposed construction completely replaces wood and allows for the preservation of forested forests. Optimized design design allows for the practical use of steel in production.

Construction all year

By avoiding wet processes and fast and easy construction, we can design, produce and build 365 days a year without fear of natural processes.